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About Mussoorie Shopping and Dining in the Hill Station

´╗┐Moving past pine tress and towering deodars as you go up the winding roads towards the top from Dehradun is an altogether mesmeric sight! And as you stop at certain points to have a closer view of the eye-catching valley and surroundings, joy gets added and you feel a different kind of tranquility. And rejuvenation of your senses happens automatically with the visual delights. Well, the scene is all about Mussoorie, especially the journey of around 25-30 kilometers from Dehradun. And once you reach the hill station, you will feel as if you are welcomed by nature herself! Such is the majestic beauty with the snowcapped Himalayas at the backdrop, green milieu adding to the serenity, rivers gushing down through the foothills, and more. To get the real feel about Mussoorie, you will have to visit the hill station. Literature won't serve your purpose! Do collect complete information About Mussoorie before you arrive here. Right from centres of shopping in Mussoorie, hotels, nightlife to restaurants in Mussoorie and more, you can get complete information online. What about shopping in Mussoorie? Of course, one of the activities associated while on a visit to a vacationing spot is of course shopping. Andke other tourist spots, shopping in Mussoorie is great fun. So what are the items that you can choose to buy here. And where should you go? You will find a mall in the area where you will come across a number of small shops selling items ranging from local jewellery, fabric wall hangings, Tibetan metal ware to cane baskets, hand made crafts, wooden items, antique articles and more. Besides these articles, your Shopping in Mussoorie will get completed with the buying of woolen shawls. Of course, without savoring the local food in the restaurants in Mussoorie, you will not feelke shopping nor will you feelke sight seeing. There is no dearth of restaurants in Mussoorie. You will find here local food, Indian dishes, and even continental food. Of course, you should know what items are served where. If you want to have only vegetarian food, Green Vegetarian and Agarwal Vegetarian will well serve your appetite. Garhwal Terrace, Kwality Le Chef, Madras Cafe Amitash Restaurant, Sher-e-Punjab, Chacha Da Hotel, Maha Lakshmi, and the Tavern are few of the popular restaurants in Mussoorie. Visit a travel portal, collect information about Mussoorie, and then plan for a trip to the beautiful hill station.

China Thousand Island Lake Travel Guide And Tips

´╗┐Located in the west of Zhejiang province, Thousand-Island Lake is 145 kilometers to the provincial capital, Hangzhou, and 128 kilometers to splendid Huangshan Mountain. This is a shining pearl on this Hangzhou-Thousand-Island Lake-Huangshan Mountain international golden tourist route. The big lake has an area of 573 square kilometers which is 108 times of that of Hangzhou West Lake. In further, the capacity is more than 3,000 times of that of West Lake. So it has been given an epithet of three thousand Xizi. The advantaged Thousand-Island Lake has long and zigzag lakeshorene, wide lake surface and 1,078 scattered islands. Especially, long time water and soil conservation has formed an entironment of green mountains, flourishing woods, fresh air and clean lake. The magnate of domestic water industry, Nongfu Fountain, is originated from here. Climate /Temperature: 1000 Island Lake is located in the north of Sub-tropic Monsoon Climate area. Due to the wide coverage of forest, as well as the accommodation function of the lake water, climate here is warm and wet and it differs dramatically in four seasons. The annual average temperature is 17 C; Annual and daily range of temperature is minor; annual average precipitation is 1430 mm with about 155 rainy days. Admission fee for Thousand-Island Lake: 195 rmb for adult. 100 rmb for the kids between 1.2 and 1.5 meters. Free for kids shorter than 1.2 meters. 45 rmb for the aged 70. 120 rmb for the aged between 60 and 70. 120 rmb for students (need a student ID). Traffic: (1). The Thousand-Island Lake is about 130 km from Hangzhou, 130 km from Mount Huang (Huangshan). Many travel agents recommend the Hangzhou - Thousand-Island Lake - Mount Huang route to the tourists. (2). From Hangzhou to Thousand-Island Lake: You can take the tour bus at Hangzhou West Bus Station to the Thousand-Island Lake. (6:00-18:50, available every 30 minutes) The trip is about 2 hours. If you wanna drive to Thousand-Island Lake, you can choose this route: Hangzhou Nanshuniu - Highway Hangqian - Highway Qiandaohu (means Thousand-Island Lake). This trip is about 129 km and takes 90 minutes. (3). From Shanghai to Thousand-Island Lake: There are no public transportations for it and the best way is to drive your car to the destination. The trip is about 316 km: Shanghai - Highway Huhang - Hangzhou North - Hangzhou Raocheng Highway - Hangzhou South - Highway Hangxin - Thousand-Island Lake. Food: These are recommended by the tourists who have been to the Thousand-Island Lake: Qingzhengguiyu fish, Congyoubaihua, Qingtangyuyuan, Jiaoyanyezhupai, Qiandaoyubie, Yinyugeng, Silengpen, Sirechao, Liudajianpingpan, Babaoyutoutang, Yumizhixiang. In a word, Thousand-Island Lake is a good place for eating fish. Tips: (1). The peak season for the Thousand-Island Lake is March 1st to Nov 30th. (2). The slack season for the Thousand-Island Lake is Dec 1st to Feb 29th. (3). Most travel agents will take the tourists to 3 or 4 islands. The best one is the Meifeng Island. The worst one is the Snake Island.(its sheman show is boring) (4). A local tour guide can be very helpful for your Thousand-Island Lake travel. (5). Most stores and restaursnts in Thousand-Island Lake only accept cash. You will be disappointed if you wanna use a credit card here. (6). Many people recommend a dish named Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers. It is very delicious but the price is not low. Copyright owner: Travel2ChinaInfo Dot COM . You can find more information about china travel, airlines, cheap flights, non-stop flights, direct flights from our web site. (This article written on 04/15/2011). More flights, airlines information at: atl to rdu. And: msp to ord. And: flights from minneapolis to chicago